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In middle school, I had the pleasure of learning sound and lighting. My mentor commented one night as I was helping with a senior adult event, "To be good at this you need to realize it's not about you. It's about the people down there listening and enjoying the event." To this day, it's an easy realization that no one notices the sound engineer unless there is feedback or if the mic is not on. It's about the talent on the stage and not about you.

In high school, I was fortunate enough to become an All-American Offensive Lineman and play a little college football. A lineman's role is to go unnoticed and sacrifice yourself for the mission of the team. Building relationships with those I protected helped me be better at my job. Normally a lineman is only noticed when they miss a block. As long as he does his job, those he is protecting garner cheers.

I feel my job as a designer operates similarly. The role of a designer and front end developer is to go unnoticed, the hope is the end-user pays no attention to the process and see the product and proceeds forward. In the silence of comments and the increase of conversions (or whatever the end goal may be), the UX designer's job is done well.

Above all, no one person can do their job successfully without the whole coming together for the common mission. To have an understanding that we are not simply responsible for our duties, but we should step in and protect the mission when someone needs help. There is a bond formed and success is achieved not on the rise of one, but the rise of the team.

The longer I build my career I have learned that a solid Designer is built from the combination of empathy (lots of questions and learning) for the end-user and empathy (lots of questions and learning) for the team (both individuals and the whole) on the how. Each person matters on both sides of the project.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on design, I would love to grab a cup of coffee and talk further about joining your team.


Russell Brown

Russell Brown

I am passionate about creating delightful and awarding end to end experiences for customers to engage with brands. Every touchpoint matters, every person matters.


2018 - present
Web Designer - Western & Southern Financial Group
Western & Southern

Go-to expert for on-brand inbound marketing tasked with challenging the norm and encouraging fresh and entrepreneurial ideas to the various business units at Western & Southern. On task force team merging entire enterprise from Marketing Cloud 1.0 to 2.0 and ensuring that all environments are provided fresh on brand easy to use templates for marketing teams to stay in stride during the transition.

A recognized expert in enhancing our enterprise's Agile workflow providing automated enhancements to our digital Kanban board and communications applications to ensure that all tickets are being seen and handled promptly. Also proud to be recognized for simply challenging processes that have been a part of the tradition and implementing change to speed up processes and reduce unneeded tasks.

2013 - 2018
Senior Designer - ROADiD

Lead creative and senior marketing team leader for a 20-year start-up. Not only designed and brand managed all items from packaging to print to digital, but managed relationships with print vendors, third-party partners, and other creative agencies to ensure they were seen as members of our family and that our joint ventures stayed on the proper timeline.

As a small scrappy team, we focused on all aspects of the customer funnel, caring about each person and working diligently to help them become brand advocates. Every customer touchpoint was analyzed and a few times a year I led an audit to ensure that all aspects of creative (even transactional) had the correct brand and led customers our desired goal of making them advocates.

All of this was accomplished by building great relationships with every member of the company as we are all responsible for our brand. Having these personal relationships with everyone from laser engraver Chuck, to the fulfillment lead Becky, to the office dog Scout made hard conversations easier and made the company runner smoother during my time there.

2008 - 2013
Art Director - Crossroads Church
Crossroads Church

Partnered with department leaders to understand needs and deliver timely solutions that spread across digital, print, video, and environmental media. Owned branding and marketing to ensure a cohesive voice.

Ran an inhouse full digital production digital print shop printing books and brochures, as well as posters and environmental design projects. Managed not only the production of the 2000 plus member church's print needs but also an active book publication company with design and printing needs of its own.

Managed multiple volunteer groups ranging from video production to stage design, to other various design needs for the various sub ministries of the church. Keeping solid relationships was always on the forefront, making sure the at the person was taken care of, not just project.

2006 - 2008
Director of Communications - Ridgecrest Church
Ridgecrest Church

Managed all aspects of communication and media to ensure that all information was clear and on-brand while also making sure that all weekend service productions was fully staffed and ran at a professional level.

2005 - 2007
Lead Designer/Photographer - The Baptist College of Florida
The Baptist College of Florida

Partnered with department leaders to understand needs and deliver timely solutions that spread across digital, print, video, and environmental media. Owned branding and marketing to ensure a cohesive voice.

Other Experience

2012 - 2013
Adjunct Web Design Teacher - Trinity High School

Taught high school students the principles of full-stack development. First script semester was dedicated to Game Development and Design. The second semester was focused on Front End Web Development and Design. (Also was an assistant football coach, not relevant but was fun to do.)

2005 - 2006
Photography Touchup Specialist - Mattox Photography

Touched up photography for all types of photos. Removed zits from teenagers, strange background objects from wedding photos, unwanted jewelry from portraits, and 5 years from most adults.

'Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.' - Walt Disney


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premire
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe InDesign
Cinema 4D


Digital Photography
Email Design/Development
User Experience
Search Engine Optimization


Google Anayltics
Google Ads
Trello Intergrations & Automation
Slack Intergrations & Automation
Adobe Scene 7
"Russell is a natural problem solver. His desire to learn and fearless approach to new challenges are among his greatest strengths. There's nothing that scares this dude. If there's something that he doesn't understand, he'll figure it out. His scrappy, entrepreneurial mindset yields a bias towards action and an ability to get things done." - Edward Wimmer, CEO ROADiD


Below are a mix of some of my favoriate projects, but mainly I am trying to show an array of work. If you would like to see more a specific thing please let me know.

Road ID App

Road ID App Map

Strings Attached

Strings Attached

Shipping Enchanements

Shipping Enchanements


Photography Examples

Red Bull Race Bib

Red Bull Race Bib

Columbus Life App

Columbus Life App

Leadership Book

Leadership Book

Pass or Fail

W&S Term Life Refresh

High Viz Email

Email and Photo Process

Multipliers Landing Page

Multipliers Landing Page

Women's Conference

Women's Conference

NBC Tour Bumper

NBC Tour Bumpers

Economic Sermon Art

Economic Art

App Landing Page

Road ID App Landing Page

Pass or Fail

Pass or Fail

Be Humble.
Hustle Hard.
Have Fun.